Custom Telescope Mini Keyring Pens

Posted by Promotion on September 26, 2014
Ballpoint Pens

custom mini telescrope keyring pens

Customized telescope mini keyring pens are small in size, each to attached to key chains. And when the mini telescope pen is pulled out, it’s works perfect like a normal pens. Thus, make it perfect for promotional giveaways. You client will attach the small pen to their keyring, and put it in the bag, take it anywhere they go, and when they need to sign or wring on something, the pen is take out and show off! What a big chance of expose of our company logo if you put the logo on the mini telescope keyring pens. PMS color of pen barrel matching your company CI is also workable. PMS color of logo imprint workable. ¬†Email us your logo for more details.¬†

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