Customer Royalty Picture Pens

Posted by Promotion on August 28, 2013
Ballpoint Pens
custom royalty picture pens
Royal customers are key to your company’s success. After sales service are best way to gain royal customers. Which mean your products do have solid quality to give your clients continuing value after they purchase your products or service.  Bayfan’s customer royalty picture pens  are  one of the best ways to maintain and strengthen your royalty customers.  A pen combines both high quality usability and a large offset picture print area up to 180*168MM on both sides! Put pictures of your new products on face side and specifications on the other side to remind your royal customers every time they use your customized picture pens. And stimulate cross sales of your new products.
Here comes Bayfan customer royalty picture pens:
Bayfan’s customer royalty picture pens combines a decent quality smooth handwriting retractable ballpoint pen with rubble cushion at grip and a full color offset printed self-retractable flyer sized up to 180*168mm. With this customer royalty picture pens, your promotional flyer is no long one time usage. Based on Bayfan’s decent design and high quality, this customer royalty picture pens gonna work for really long time. Once your potential client gets this customer royalty picture pens, it will be with him for quite a long time.
Order your customized customer royalty picture pens at www! Delivery time will 4 weeks to your door by courier like DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. If you are in hurry, we also offer 15-days urgent delivery service.

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